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Tales of Tasmanian Adventures in Olive Oil

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Interview – Tasmanian Country Hour – 28 June 2017

I get so excited about olives and olive oil, and I love opportunities to share this, so I was thrilled to have Nick Bosley-Pask from ABC Radio Hobart visit again last week.  I was even more excited when I paused for lunch a couple of days later to hear myself on the Tasmanian Country Hour show! I find doing that sort of stuff pretty nerve-wracking, but I try to think of it just as a one-on-one conversation, so I don’t freak out!

I’ve attached my segment here so do listen to find out more about the harvest timing, modern olive pressing, how it feels to wait for the first oil to flow out of the press, and my experience of hiring casual employees.



Do get in touch if you’ve got any questions about anything discussed. I’d love to hear from you 🙂 FFx