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Tales of Tasmanian Adventures in Olive Oil

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WIN a packet of Tasmanian Olive Leaf Tea


Enter for your chance to WIN a 30g packet of my soothing Tasmanian Olive Leaf Tea and find out what it tastes like without spending a cent! The prize includes worldwide postage.

To enter simply CLICK HERE to go to the post:
LIKE the facebook post
– COMMENT on the facebook post with your answer of how many grams of tea are in this jar. (Whole numbers only, no decimal places!)

Competition closes Sunday 28 May at 6pm AEST (UTC+10)

Full T&Cs here…

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Newsletter – February 2017

Click here to read the February 2017 Newsletter, with news of my adventures in and out of the grove…

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Iced Olive Leaf Tea

iced tea olive leaf lemon mint tasmania

We’re coming into spring in Tassie, although with what looks like a dusting of snow on Mount Wellington again today and highs of 14degC with an icy wind, it’s not feeling as spring-like as it was yesterday!

Anyway, my mind is filling with thoughts of (hopefully!) warm sunny days ahead, and so I decided to use my olive leaf tea as a base to create an iced version. I tried a few combinations of ingredients, but my favourite is this unsweetened iced olive leaf tea with lemon and mint. The olive leaf tea provides a rich, complex base, while the mint and lemon give it a fabulous fresh lift. (You can add sugar to taste if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth!)

This method takes a little while, as I prefer to chill the tea in the fridge so it doesn’t get too diluted. If you’re in a hurry though, just throw in a few ice cubes!

This is great on a warm day, and would be a brilliant grown-up non-alcoholic drink for the party season.


  • 4 level teaspoons of olive leaf tea
  • Handful of mint leaves (I used about 8 large leaves)
  • Zest peeled from half a lemon.
  • Ice, more mint, and lemon slices to serve.


  • Put the olive leaf tea and the mint leaves into a large cafetiere (mine takes a bit under a litre).
  • Boil the kettle.
  • Wait for a minute to allow the water to cool just a touch, then fill the cafetiere and stir before putting the lid on.
  • Allow to infuse for four minutes, then plunge and pour the tea into a bowl or jug suitable to go in the fridge, leaving the tea leaves and mint in the cafetiere.
  • Add the lemon zest.
  • Cover, allow to cool for a while, then place in the fridge until chilled.
  • Serve over ice with fresh slices of lemon and gently muddled mint. (If you don’t know what muddling is, it’s a fancy term for crushing gently – read about how to do it here!)
  • Relax, and take a moment to be mindful, while you enjoy the fruits of your labour 🙂

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Olive Leaves – a poem

Olive leaf doggerel


My father, much more of a poet than myself, describes this (my first poetic foray in a couple of decades!) as doggerel. But apparently I’m in good company, as much of Edward Lear’s work could be described thus.

Do you have any poetry to share? FFx


A nice cup of tea

A nice cup of olive leaf tea

Have you heard of olive leaf tea? We’ve got quite fond of it over the past few months. We’ve been making it by harvesting youngish leaves Continue reading